Get Involved

Over the past several months of raising funds through means of investment, we have had numerous requests from friends, family and fans alike for an opportunity to contribute to our fundraising efforts on a smaller scale. Through a website called kickstarter, we have been able to set up an account to accept contributions to our cause of any amount.  NOTE — Despite how the link reads, this is only one of MANY methods we have been using to raise funds — our success with the project is NOT dependent on our success with kickstarter.

PLEDGE $$ — Earn Rewards!  SEE HOW HERE!!

How else can you get involved???

  • Do your part in your community!  Help your neighborhood!
  • Share your ART!!
  • Help the elderly and those in need around you
  • Like us on Facebook! Follow our page here
  • Watch our awesome teasers in our Trailers section
  • Volunteer to help in the most fun project in the city. Get in touch with us by emailing
  • Become a business sponsor or investor. Invest in something wonderful and unique!
  • Hook us up with free stuff!! Get hooked up with free ‘Welcome to Harlem’ T-shirts, hats and more!!
  • Host an event or party for us!
  • Our mission is to HELP.  Help others around you and in your community and anyone, anywhere can be a part of something special…