The Film

WARNING:  Some material may not be suitable for children.

Welcome to Harlem the Movie Trailer #1




A musical comedy in the middle of 151st and Broadway?  That sounds crazy…

It is.

Though difficult to describe exactly what our film is “about” (for more information see, if we had to, we would say it is about friendship, love and community.  Taking place in a culturally progressive neighborhood in Harlem, New York City, our story revolves around a group of young artists trying to find their way through different aspects of life and love.  Through them and through the neighborhood we are given insight into some of the current struggles of our society and are hopefully able to glean some potential solutions.  Welcome to Harlem is funny, edgy, unorthodox, insightful and creative.  It is not easy to send a positive, meaningful message that resonates with people, though we feel that we can accomplish it through humor, music and showing people something different from anything they have ever seen before.

Great music is universal.

Incorporating genres of Musical Theater, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Swing, Salsa, Blues and Funk, we’ve put together a score that is modern, original and upbeat.  While somewhat different than your typical musical, we’re still able to capture a flow and excitement reminiscent of great musicals such as “West Side Story” and “Rent”.  The music alone will generate an insatiable desire to smile, tap your feet and for many, get up and dance.

Great characters are universal.

Great characters are the ones that we can all relate to.  Characters who are memorable, funny, interesting and full of emotion remain in our minds and in our hearts long after the end of a story.  Through great characters we are able to identify with our own emotions and better understand why we feel the ways in which we feel.  Though a work of fiction, all of the characters in Welcome to Harlem are inspired by real people, capturing a sense of truth not often found in modern cinema.

Great themes are universal.

One of the first things that people do when they encounter a new situation is compare it to an experience in their own life.  While we each live the world through our own unique perspective, what bring us together are the shared themes of our experiences.  There are certain messages that exist within all of our lives–life goes on, be yourself, follow your heart–these are the messages that stay with us, and these are the themes that echo throughout our film.

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